For the second year, Bloomington Gold will certify Camaros.
Camaros will be judged using the same guidelines that are used for Corvettes: A GOLD CERTIFIED car appears as it would just after completion of "typical factory production." It means that a Camaro has been preserved or restored within 95% of the way it appeared when it left the factory – no better, no worse, no different. Bloomington Gold’s standards for authenticity and condition are clear – the goal is to attain historic perfection, not cosmetic perfection.


The Camaro Certification team will be headed by Bill Nichols, former GM Engineer. If you have a Camaro that you would be interested in having judged at the Inaugural year of Certification this June, or have questions, please contact Bill Nichols at or 248.632.3138.

For certification guidelines, please contact:
Bill Nichlols 


Contact Bill Nichols with questions or to REGISTER at: or 248.632.3138

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