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 This year, Bloomington Gold will be featuring a special display of cars…ones that have been seen on the big screen as well as some on your home screen.  Housed in Horton Field House, a small handful of Hollywood cars will be parked for your viewing pleasure. If you have or know of a car that may be an interesting addition to this display, please contact Bloomington Gold at info@bloomingtongold.com.

Cheers Corvette Owned
by Marc Christopher

What kind of car would TV Character Sam Malone, a womanizing, one time relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, turned bartender of a local bar in Boston drive? …A Corvette of course! This ‘67 Corvette Stingray 427 Coupe with side pipes roared as loud as Sam’s charm and was the perfect matchup for the TV character to drive in the 1980’s hit sitcom Cheers. The Corvette appeared in a number of episodes including “Diamond Sam”, “The Two Faces of Norm” and “I Kid You Not”. How exactly did Christopher get his ‘67 Corvette to be a supporting role in Cheers? Well, as a member of the motion picture transportation union (Teamsters local 399), Christopher serviced the film industry and was responsible for, in this case, fulfilling the transportation needs to the set. So parked on the set as a prop it was for several episodes of the sitcom. Episodes of Cheers isn’t the only place where the car has made appearances. It also appeared in an episode of My Classic Car with Dennis Gage and has previously been displayed at Bloomington Gold and at the Corvette Museum.

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