Great Hall

The 2013 Great Hall

The People. The Cars. The Stories. 

The Great Hall is conceived to run for five years:  2010 - 2014.  Each year, 10 people and 10 cars will be inducted into The Great Hall. Their inductions will be the direct result of the selection committee.  Each year, the committee will select that year's inductees.  At the end of the fifth year, the conclusion of our efforts will result in something that has been missing from our sport - recognition of our Pioneers: The 50 most influential people and organizations and the 50 most influential and historic Corvettes that shaped the Corvette Sport as we know it today.  The people and Corvettes featured may/may not be related.  In other words, we are featuring the people, not what they may own.  Vice versa, we will feature the car and not who currently owns it.  And finally, we will tell the stories that document why they were the Pioneers.                                                                                         

  The People

Mike Antonick

Zora Arkus-Duntov

Bloomington Gold

Reeves Calloway

Carlisle Productions

Chip Miller

Bille Mitchell

Jim Perkins

Dr. Dick Thompson

Mike Yager


 The Cars

1957 Fuel Injection

1961 Gulf Racer

1962 327 CID

1963 Grand Sport

1965 First Big Block

1967 L88 Daytona Racer

1987 Escort Series Racer

Callaway Corvette

C5 Z06

C6 ZR1


                                                                   INQUIRIES  William Locke (716) 386-2107 or E-mail William Locke

Cars are displayed by invitation only.