GoldMarket Vendor Information

Bloomington Gold has moved to Champaign, IL.  Some spaces have been reserved by regularly attending vendors, but there are many available with the new layout of the show.


Exhibitor registration can be done over the phone, fax, email, or mail.  Maps of the vendor spaces are included. Space sizes and prices are outlined on the maps and can be found on the vendor contracts.

There is a large tent in Lot 2 that will accommodate 30 10’x10’ spaces (15 on each side) with a 10’ aisle in the center. It will have sides that can be closed at night or in inclement weather for more security.

To reserve a space:

Phone:309-888-4477   OR   Fax:309-888-5838   OR   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      

Address: 705 E Lincoln St.  Suite 207   Normal, IL 61761    

Set Up and Show Hours

Exhibitor set up hours will begin at 7:00 am Thursday, June 26 and continue through 6:00 pm.  You may set up anytime Thursday; however, we prefer that you arrive between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm, so that someone may check you in.  The gates will be open for attendees that want to come in that day.

The Gates will officially open for Show Hours on Friday through Saturday, 8:00AM to 6:00PM., Sunday 8:00AM to 3:00PM.

There will be a Security Guard at the Vendor Check-in Gate, so that all vendors can come and go as needed after hours. Vendors will not be required to leave when the show is closed, but we ask that there be no sleeping in vehicles on the grounds overnight.  There is more information on Lodging on the back page.

Check-In Procedure

  • Enter the EXHIBITORS Check-in ENTRANCE on St. Mary’s Road (directions are on the last page).
  • A host will greet you immediately. PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO CHANGES NO PACKETS WILL BE MAILED.  YOUR PACKET WILL BE READY FOR PICKUP when you ARRIVE at EXHIBITORS Check in at the show.
  • Once you have checked in, received your packet, and affixed your vehicle pass you can proceed to your space.

Passes for Exhibitors and Workers: One (1) vehicle pass and a Vendor wristband will be issued for each space reserved, with a limit of 8 wristbands.   Additional tickets can be purchased at the EXHIBITOR Check in for $15.

Entry During The Show: Vehicle entry during the show will be limited and only through the EXHIBITORS Check-in ENTRANCE on St. Mary’s Road.  A vehicle will not be allowed entry without the proper GoldMarket sticker.   In addition, each person in any vehicle entering the show must have a ticket or a wristband to get in. 

Exhibitor Parking: Once your set up is complete, please park your vehicle in Vendor Parking (see map). There will also be additional parking 2 ½ blocks East on Kirby Avenue.  Please do not leave your vehicle parked elsewhere because it will be towed at your expense without announcement. 


Parking Policy

The purpose of the exhibitor area is to showcase the many vendors and what they have to sell. Cars or trucks that are not actively involved in the retail business at a space will not be permitted to park in spaces in the exhibitor area. 

If you have a truck and are truly selling parts out of the back of the truck that is acceptable.  But the truck or car must be actively involved in the business of your space.


It is not acceptable to buy a space in the GoldMarket and use it to sell a Corvette that can be titled.  Corvettes for sale are sold in the GoldMine area in Lot #3.  Corvettes being sold for parts can be located in the GoldMarket.


We encourage vendors to stay for the entire show.  The schedule of events has been changed to allow for more foot traffic each day, including Sunday, which will also be ½ price on Admission.   Vendors who leave early (before we stop selling tickets on Sunday to the general public) will not have their spaces held for 2015.  Likewise, if you park a car or truck on your space and it is not actively involved in the retail business of your space, you will be asked to move it.  Failure to do so may result in you not returning to those spaces in 2015.


Exhibitor Guidelines

  • All parts, tents, tent stakes, and vehicles must be within your assigned spaces.
  • The majority of merchandise for sale: parts, shop equipment, apparel, etc. must be Corvette related.  Those not complying will be asked to immediately remove the merchandise from sale and will not be allowed to return the next year.
  • The Bloomington Gold logo or name may not be used without specific approval from the Director of the GoldMarket.
  • Bloomington Gold does not assume any responsibility or liability for loss, damage or theft whatsoever (see release statement that must be signed on registration form).
  • Unnecessary driving or cruising in any type of vehicle during show hours is prohibited.  Any merchandise, items, noise (including generators) or act deemed offensive by the management, in its sole discretion, will be ordered removed.  Violators may be ejected and ultimately banned from future shows.
  • Please keep your area clean. 

Tent Guidelines

  • Tent/Table/Chair rental is available through Bloomington Gold up until June 15, 2015.  Please contact the office for information – 309-888-4477.
  • Only approved contractors may erect rental tents on site.
  • Individuals may bring their own tents to set up and use.
  • If you bring your own tent, due to underground utilities, please get approval from the GoldMarket Director before staking a tent. You must fill all stake holes before leaving the property. 
  • All tents and tent stakes must be within your space(s).
  • Any tent 10’x 20’ or larger must be registered in advance with the office.  The Fire Marshall requires that all tents 10’x 20’ and larger have a Certificate of Flame Resistance for said tent.  These certificates are normally available from the original tent manufacturer (excluding any canopy connected to trailer or semi).


Parts Pick-Up: Customer vehicles will be allowed onto the property for parts pick-up.  Please contact Exhibitor Check-In personnel for information regarding passes for parts pick-up. Customers will be asked to present proof of purchase before a pass will be issued.


Installation of Products for Customers: Several exhibitors will be taking appointments for installations of their products on a customer’s Corvette.  The customer must obtain a pass at Exhibitor Check-in to accommodate this situation.  Proof of purchase must be presented before a pass will be issued.  The customer will then enter with their Corvette and proceed to the vendor.  When the customer is finished at the vendor booth, the customer will be expected to exit the GoldMarket promptly through the Exhibitor Check-in gate.

Web Site and the Show Program: It is our intent to list every exhibitor on our website on the "Exhibitors" page.  In addition, we will be providing a listing in the Show Program which will list the name of every exhibitor and their location at the Show.  The deadline for being listed in the Show Program is March 31, 2014. Please register early.

Shipments of Product– If you are shipping in products prior to the show, please arrange for the shipment to arrive no earlier than Monday, June 23rd, prior to the show.  Call our office at 309-888-4477 for the shipping address.

Personal vehiclesare prohibited.  Golf carts, ATV's, scooters, bicycles, and mini-bikes may be used only during set-up hours on Thursday, and prior to 8:00 am and after 6:00 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The use of any motorized or self-propelled devices during show hours is strictly prohibited.  This policy will be strictly enforced.

Disabled personswill be allowed to use their own convenience vehicles; however, they may be asked to present their credentials of disability.  Handicapped individuals needing a golf cart to rent may do so at the I-Hotel parking lot. They must present their state-issued handicapped parking permit.

Selling of Food & Products: Selling or giving away any food, drinks, or Bloomington Gold related merchandise is expressly prohibited unless approved by the GoldMarket Director. Bloomington Gold reserves the right to sell all food, drinks, and merchandise relating to the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show and its registered trademarks and copyrights.

Dogs: Dogs, with the exception of service dogs, are prohibited from the facility.

No Smoking: Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the show grounds, as U of I is a smoke-free campus.

Alcohol: No alcoholic beverages are allowed except those purchased from an authorized vendor.  We ask that no alcohol is brought into the grounds.  Violation of this rule may result in cancellation of all your registration without a refund and expulsion from the grounds.  Disorderly or intoxicated persons will be ejected immediately.

For Sale Vehicles: No “For Sale” signs are allowed on cars parked on the grounds, including all parking lots, with the exception of cars parked in the GoldMine or GoldMarket.


Cathy Winters @ (309) 888-4477 or E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


U of I Lodging:Rooms are reserved at Bousfield Hall for the Corvette show from June 26-29.  Bousfield hall has 4 person suites that are set up as either 4 single rooms that share a bathroom or 2 shared rooms that share a bathroom.  Below is the link to the floor plans for Bousfield hall.

Floor plans:

The rate for a single room is $41.82 per person per night including tax.  The rate for a share room is $27.19 per person per night including tax.   Please ask guests to complete the form on this link ( to make a reservation.

If you need assistance in reserving a room, please call Cathy at 309-888-4477.

Hotels:  Please check the Bloomington Gold website for updates.


Directions to the Vendor Check-In Gate:


From I-74 (East or West): Take I-57 South at Exit 237A.

                                            Take Exit 232, Curtis Road.

                                             Go East on Curtis Road, past Dunlap Street (Rte 45),

                                             Over railroad tracks (other streets have low bridges under the tracks),

                                             To the 4 way stop at First Street.  Turn North (left).

                                             This will take you directly to the Vendor Check-In Gate at the corner of

                                              St. Mary’s Road and First Street 





Cathy Winters @ (309) 888-4477 or E-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.