Each GOLD Certification Class can typically accommodate 10 cars and each SURVIVOR class can accommodate 20 cars. However, for the 2014 Show, Bloomington Gold was able to hire additional  highly quailfied judges allowing them to increase class sizes. As a result, a lottery was not necessary. Please refer to the text below for lottery procedures for future years. 

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Lottery Policy

In the event that any Certification Class exceeds 10 cars, or any SURVIVOR class exceeds 20 cars, that class will proceed to a lottery situation. Those classes with less than the maximum will not go to a lottery and properly registered cars will be assigned to a class to be judged.  The lottery is held on March 14, of that year at 12:00 pm, CST and includes all cars properly registered and paid within the effected class. The first 10 cars drawn, (20 for SURVIVOR classes), in the lottery will be assigned to a class to be judged.  Those cars not selected in the lottery will be put on a Wait List in the order in which they are drawn.  

Occasionally cars on the Wait List do move up and are judged the same year.  If not, they can remain on the Wait List for the next year.  If a lottery occurs again and the car is not selected within 2 years, it will automatically be entered in a class and judged in the 3rd year.  Registrations withdrawn after the first lottery will need to be re-registered the following year and will not have the Consecutive Year Advantage in the 3rd year that those remaining on the Wait List will have. 

Registrations received after the March 14th lottery for classes for which the lottery was held will be added to the Wait List in the order in which they were received, behind those cars drawn in the lottery. 

Click here to read the Refund, Wait List and Letter of Credit Policies.


The Lottery and Multi-Car Ownership

If an owner registers more than one car in a class that proceeds to a lottery situation, each car will be placed in the lottery.  If one car is drawn, it will be assigned to the class to be judged and the remaining cars will be placed on the Wait List in the order in which they are drawn.  Should an opening occur in that class, the Wait List cars will be moved up in the order in which they were placed on the Wait List. Cars registered after the lottery occurs will be placed on the Wait List in the order in which the registrations arrive, behind those cars drawn in the lottery.  


In the event that your car is Wait Listed, these Frequently Asked Questions might help you navigate through to the Judging Field. 

Ø How will I know if the class I have registered for is proceeding to a lottery situation this year?

Bloomington Gold will notify those owners who are registered for a class that has exceeded the number of positions available. Those who are registered in a class that has less than the maximum number will not be notified. 

Ø How will I know if my car is drawn in the Lottery?

Lottery results will be posted on the web page not later than 5:00 CST on March 14, 2014. 

Ø How will I know if my car is moved off the Wait List?

You will emailed or called by Bloomington Gold to inform you that your car has been entered into a class.

Ø What is the last moment that a car on the Wait List might be moved up and be assigned a judging class? 

              The day of the event.

Ø Can I withdraw my registration if my car is not assigned to a class in the Lottery?

Once your car is assigned to the Wait List, a refund will be issued upon receipt of a written request. You also have the option to request a Letter of Credit to apply towards the following year for the same VIN # and owner. 

Ø If I receive a Letter of Credit do I have to re-register the following year?

Yes, Bloomington Gold will apply your Letter of Credit to the registration for the same car and owner the following year. However, if you do not re-register the following year, the Letter of Credit cannot be redeemed. 

Ø Can I improve my chances of being judged?

All cars in the Lottery have an equal chance of being drawn each year, but to improve your chances of getting to the judging field, do not withdraw the car.  Request a Letter of Credit and register the same car the following year. If the class once again exceeds the number of available positions and your car is Wait Listed a second year, it will automatically be placed into a judging class the third year.  Two "strikes" – and you’re in! Withdrawing and receiving a refund for two years will deny you the Consecutive Year Advantage gained by those who have two consecutive Letters of Credit on file. 

Ø Can I apply the Letter of Credit to another car or participant?

               No, the same owner must register and the VIN# must match. 

Ø What if I withdraw the car, but later decide to have it judged the following year after all?

You will need to start at the beginning - register the car and pay the fee for that judging year.  You will not be eligible for the opportunity to be automatically placed in the third year as those who are on file with a Letter of Credit.

 Ø What if I have multiple cars registered for one class and one of my cars is drawn?

The first car will be assigned to a class, but the other cars will be added to the Wait List in the order in which they are drawn in the lottery.  Should an opening occur, Wait Listed cars will be added to the field in the order in which they were placed on the Wait List. 

 Ø What happens to cars that register for a class after the Lottery has occurred?

Those cars will be added to the Wait List behind the cars that were drawn during the lottery, in the order in which they are received.  Should openings occur, each car will move up the list in the order in which they were placed on the Wait List.



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