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A Gold Certified car appears as it would just after completion of "typical factory production." It means that a Corvette has been preserved or restored within 95% of the way it appeared when it left the factory – no better, no worse, no different. Bloomington Gold’s standards for authenticity and condition are clear – the goal is to attain historic perfection, not cosmetic perfection.

One weekend each year, owners present their Corvettes to be judged for the coveted GOLD CERTIFIED award. Our highly qualified judges have been known for their knowledge, courtesy and consistency for 40 years. 

To learn more about achieving Gold Certification®, the following brochures will be helpful:

Please click HERE for 2014 Certification Guidelines

Please click HERE for the 2014 Owners Advisories 

Please click HERE for the 2014 Engine Stamp Standards

Please click HERE for the 2014 Judging Schedule


  •  If more than 10 cars are registered for any one Certification Class a lottery will be held. 
  • If an owner enters more than one car into a single class, he/she should consult the Lottery Policy.
  •  Click HERE to learn about the Lottery Policy. 


Click HERE for 2014 Refund, Wait List and Letter of Credit Policies

2014 Registration Fees

Corvettes made from 1953 – 1972     $600 each

Corvettes made from 1973 – 2013     $500 each

**To Register your car for Certification click here.

Each registration includes two *Weekend passes

Deadline for registration:  June 10, 2014


*Weekend passes allow entry for Thursday (preview), Friday, Saturday, Sunday



Inquiries:  309-888-4477 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.