America's most prestigious Corvette award!



BENCHMARK Certification┬« - the ultimate standard for unrestored vehicles. 

In 1991, Bloomington Gold introduced the ultimate and most difficult judging category - The BENCHMARK Award. To achieve BENCHMARK status, an unrestored Corvette must attain GOLD Certification and excel in all four categories of SURVIVOR during the same weekend. To date, fewer than 200 Corvettes have received the prestigious BENCHMARK Award.  

 To learn more about achieving BENCHMARK Certification┬«, the following brochures will be helpful:  

Please click HERE for 2014 BENCHMARK Guidelines

Please click HERE for 2014 Certification Guidelines 

Please click HERE for 2014 SURVIVOR Guidelines

Please click HERE for the 2014 Owners Advisories

Please click HERE for the 2014 Engine Stamp Standards 

Please click HERE for 2014 Refund, Wait List and Letter of Credit Policies 

Please click HERE for the 2014 Judging Schedule.



2014 Registration Fees

$200 for each BENCHMARK registration

Remember! Entrants must be judged in both Survivor and Certification during the same weekend. Only Corvettes qualifying in ALL four of the four categories of Survivor, as well as the 10 mile road test and receiving Gold Certification at the same Bloomington Gold event will be awarded the highly coveted and prestigious Benchmark award. 

To register your car for Benchmark, click here.

Deadline for registration:  June 10, 2014


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