C5 Z06

GH 2006 Z06

2006 Z06

Performance Highlight

500 Horsepower and Air Conditioning

A few 500 HP racing Corvettes were produced in the late sixties, but they were marketed below-the-radar and not intended for street use. It wasn’t until 2006 that Corvette developed and promoted a factory Corvette with such outrageous power.

Corvette performance peaked in the late sixties around 435 horsepower and tapered to a sickly 205 by 1975. With the advent of the 2001 Z06 it climbed to 385. Sounds adequate for most drivers. But with Corvette, more is always better.

Unlike its 1963 Z06 iconic namesake (which designated heavy duty brakes), the 21st century Z06 designates a high performance engine option. By 2006, Corvette launched an upgraded version of the Z06 with a 505 HP 427 engine reminiscent of the late sixties engines.

For the first time in over three decades, Corvette caught up to where it was at one time. The major difference is that this version of the Corvette is much more civilized and sophisticated, if one can use the word civilized with a 505 HP vehicle.

Built April 19, 2005, this is believed to actually be the first Corvette with over 500 HP.

Owner: Rick Hendrick