2009 ZR1


2009 ZR1

Performance Highlight

The most powerful car ever sold by GM

 Fuelies, tri-powers, L88s, and Z06s are all respectable. But to feel serious horsepower, one really needs a 638 horsepower ZR1. What a thrill to have your head slammed into the headrest and adrenaline pumping like an athlete while your field of vision closes to about 8 inches.

The C6 ZR1 is the most sophisticated, fastest, and most expensive Corvette ever produced. One wonders how long that title will remain intact. Interestingly, it could become highly collectible and a future reminder of the new golden age of automotive performance.

Or it could become obsolete due to higher horsepower versions of the C7 that may be offered.

Will they rise to the heights of collectability and prices currently paid for the high powered C2s and C3s? Will they inspire the under 40 age demographic to want one and rekindle interest and enthusiasm among the next generation? The answers are unknown.

It is known that this is the most powerful car ever sold by GM and that is a historically significant milestone regardless where horsepower goes from here.

This particular ZR1 is one of America’s first 600 HP production vehicles.


Owner: Rick Hendrick