Mike Yager


Mike Yager

Marketing Pioneer

Mid America Mastermind

 Bloomington Gold is known for many things, but not for where Mike Yager started selling stuff from his trunk. Yager is a textbook example of a Great Hall inductee. He is a pioneer who positively influenced the direction of the Corvette community. Significantly.

Quickly moving from a less than polished approach to marketing Corvette items in 1974, Yager caught on fast. Very fast. By 1976, he saw the pending growth curve for parts, accessories, and various memorabilia.

Yager leveraged his Corvette passion into a fledgling business and sent two page flyers to prospects. Within ten years, the young entrepreneur matured into a world class direct marketer of Corvette accessories. He created the most sophisticated marketing machine within the Corvette world—Mid America Motorworks. That leadership position continues four decades later.

To this day, Yager and family keep their ears open for customer pleasing opportunities. With a hard working staff and his boundless energy and enthusiasm, Yager hand built the business into not only a supplier of Corvette accessories, but also into a September “fun” event that entertains, educates, and gives Yager the opportunity to say thank you.

Amazing what can be started with 500 bucks.