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Granddaddy of Corvette Events

Like many early Corvette events to follow, Bloomington began as a Corvette flea market. In 1973, swappers dragged in parts from around the Midwest. Hundreds of Corvettes showed up with young drivers wanting to see what was going on. Disorganized. Raw. No real plan. But it was an event that had to happen. Timing is everything and the timing was perfect. The Corvette movement had been brewing for over a decade but this was the moment the Phenomenon was launched. However, a few ambitious fellows thought a flea market was a limited offering.

In 1978, four Corvette guys in their mid-30’s added an idea called Gold Certification. It revolutionized how Corvettes would be judged and turned the traditional world of car shows on its head. Within two years, Corvette owners were standing in line trying to get certifications to add credibility (and of course value) to their cars. Then came SURVIVOR and BENCHMARK certifications for original unrestored Corvettes. That jump started a trend toward preservation within the collector car world beyond Corvette.

Certification along with other ideas like Educational Seminars, Special Collections, World Record Road Tours, and Auctions were all Bloomington Gold innovations.

Other events began using the same format and have enjoyed success doing so, as well. Although Bloomington Gold offers fans a variety of entertainment options, Certification is its flagship and has inspired over six thousand owners to preserve or restore Corvettes authentically.

Bloomington Gold is a National Standard