Friday, June 27th
2:30 pm - 3:45 pm 
IHotel, Champaign, IL

Origins of Mitchell's 59 Racer & the 63 Split Window
Peter Brock
Legendary Chevrolet Designer

In the Summer of 1957, GM Design head Bill Mitchell, walked into a small GM design studio containing four young designers.  He asked them to gather ‘round and pulled snapshots out of his pocket that he’d taken during a recent trip to Turin Italy for their Auto Show.  He said he had some ideas for a new sports car and wanted to show them, via the cars in the photographs, the design elements he was keen to try.  Ultimately Peter Brock drew the car Mitchell was after, which 5 years later became the ’63 Sting Ray.  In this seminar, Brock shows many of his original sketches from 1957, sharing the many twists and turns the car’s design took (including the story of the secret studio the Stingray Racer was built in), along with the sketch Mitchell ultimately chose.

Surviving the Sinkhole
Adam Boca, NCM Insurance Agency, National Corvette Museum
Johnny Downs, Chairman of the Board, National Corvette Museum

* Learn first hand the details around eight famous Corvettes plunging into the sinkhole beneath the Museum
* See inside video of the Corvettes' descent AND their rescue
* Discussion on the details of what had to be considered with the rescue of each of the Corvettes
* Hear the stories of what were the most tenuous moments !


The Insides of the C7
Josh Holder, Engineering Manager, GM



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