Friday, June 27th
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
IHotel, Champaign, IL

The Evolution: No Time To Cry
Wilmer Cooksey, Jr.
Retired Corvette Plant Manager, General Motors

Wilmer Cooksey grew up as a child in a poor neighborhood helping his single parent mother raise six sisters and brothers. He never lost sight of the challenges that faced his family and the importance of doing whatever was necessary to survive. He eventually earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee State University and a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from the University Of Toledo. When he first became a Corvette Plant Manager, the Corvette was suffering from poor quality and low customer satisfaction. 16 years later, Cooksey and his team achieved the highest quality and customer satisfaction ever experienced by GM. In August 29, 2013, Wilmer Cooksey was inducted into the Corvette Hall Of Fame of the National Corvette Museum. Hear first hand about his experiences, the good, the bad and everything in between! After, Mr Cooksey will be available to sign his book.


Corvettes of the Silver Screen
Bill Stephens
NBC Sports

Follow Bill as he takes you on a guide through Bloomington Gold's Corvette Film Festival! Learn about different Corvettes that have been featured on the big screen. Find out where they came from, modifications that were made for film, the different movie stars that drove them on the screen, and where they are now! 

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