Looking for the royal treatment at Bloomington Gold? 
Become a GoldMember and Receive:

BlmGold Member002 

$410 with 2 weekend passes

$290 without passes

Click here to join!

  • GoldMember Lounge- An air conditioned tent right off the judging field! Stop in the tent any time during the Event for a beverage and light snacks.
  • ** New**  Express Check in at the Track Office- Avoid the lines at the Track Office when you pick up your wrist band and credentials. Any GoldMember that pre-registers for driving events will be able to take advantage of Express Check in.
  • GoldMember Parking- Park your Corvette right up front in the GoldMember parking area. GoldMembers receive the closest parking at the Event.
  • Access to the Pagoda- GoldMembers are the only Bloomington Gold attendees that have access to the Pagoda. Retreat to the 8th Floor during the show for cold beverages and a spectacular panoramic view of the Show!
  • Dinner Friday night and lunch Saturday, both in the Pagoda!
  • Member Gift- Each year a special gift is selected for GoldMembers. Past gifts include Bloomington Gold Polos and a BG Polish Kit.
  •  ..and much more!