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A section of the Trackside Suites will be dedicated to Clubs at the 2018 Show! This will allow a special place for Corvette Clubs to once again gather, socialize and fly their club banners. In addition, the suites are air-conditioned and offer various catering options. 

*The suite option will replace Club Parking inside the Show. However, all of the great perks will still be offered Clubs:

  • Relax and Socialize as a group in air conditioned suite
  • Come and go as you please during the event
  • Receive an exclusive GoldClub pin  
  • Plaques will be given to the club with the most Corvettes in attendance and the farthest distance driven. 

**For a link to a map of Club suites click here

$350 per suite and holds up to 40
Reserve by March 1st and receive $100 off per suite
Also for Clubs: Custom Club T-shirts!
 The Order deadline is May 15, 2018
Club Shirts
2018 Event tee shirts with your
Club Logo are also available

 ***10-25 - $25 Each ***   26 or more - $20 each


Contact the Bloomington Gold Office
at 309.888.4477 to order !

 ** To download the order form, click here. **

*Only clubs that reserve suites in the Club Suite bank will be allowed to hang their club banners and receive the early buy pricing. Clubs will be asked to submit a list of attendees prior to the Show for check in purposes. Only attendees with wrist bands will be allowed come and go access to the Club Suite bank. 
Please call the Bloominton Gold Office at 309-888-4477 to RESERVE a Suite.